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 Hefel Arven Duvets   Linen summer duvet 
Hefel Bio-Linen Summer Duvets
for summer-fresh sleep, 100% natural fibres
  • ideal sleeping environment, even in high
  • filling is 70% linen (kbA), 30% organic
cotton (kbA)
  • fabric is 100% organic cotton (kbA),
fine satin weave
  • supple body-fit quilt
  • washable at 40°C, air dry
  • may be buttoned to another duvet,
e.g. a bio-wool all-season duvet
Available in the following sizes
(prices include 8% VAT):

160/210 cm
160/240 cm
200/210 cm
240/240 cm
Fr. 284.–
Fr. 339.–
Fr. 405.–
Fr. 528.–
approx. 720g
approx. 850g
approx. 900g
approx. 1250g

Surcharge for button strips: Fr. 28.– per duvet