Sideboards & Cabinets

Live in style. Give objects their personal place at home. Give yourself clarity and order.

Be inspired by a selection of our chests of drawers, sideboards and cabinets.

From selected solid wood we carpenter the furniture for you. We oil and polish our woodwork with natural products.

Of course, we also carpenter your favorite piece of furniture according to your ideas.

Our cabinets

Your individual shoe cabinet - pure luxury!

Do you love your shoes and want to enjoy the sight of them every day?

Opened the cabinet presents your shoes in a total work of art, closed it provides visually calm order.

  • Functional design of the shoe storage system with a perfect match of your needs
  • Shelves adjustable in height and inclination and through inclination a beautiful shoe presentation
  • With ventilation slots to dry your shoes
  • For high heels slots with retractable lasts, insertable or removable as desired
  • With enough space for boots, high shoes or shoe boxes in the deep part
  • Doors without handles, handles can be chosen as an aesthetic decoration
  • Available in 4 models, each in women's or men's version (16 - 58 pairs)

Feel welcome to ask for the detailed information and price sheet.




The beautiful, practical supply talent for your entrée, bathroom or children's room.

  • Multi-level versatile as a bag rack, single level can be used as a wardrobe bench
  • With base space for several pairs of shoes under the bagtainer.
  • Made of waterproof, brown bakelized plywood, self-assembly with simple connecting fittings.
  • Sturdy bags made of Madagascan Langana raffia in various colors to choose from.
  • With stainless steel labels to mark the compartments.
  • Juried by form forum switzerland.
  • Generous storage space for winter accessories, handbags, slippers, toys and much more in pockets that are immediately ready to hand to take along.

Please ask for our prices.


Cupboard Janine

  • Three part cupboard, solid wood constructionmay be positioned together or free standing
  • E.g. in steam treated solid wavy grain
    maplewood, walnut feet and verticalfront inlays
  • With adjustable shelves and coathanger bar
  • Interior: untreated pine, creates a delicate fragrance
  • With bolt bar locks; keys are used as door handles
  • All surfaces oiled and polished using natural products

Height 220 cm, width 220 cm, depth 60 cmnterior: untreated pine, creates a

Price from CHF 11’940.—


Media cupboard in solid oak

  • Doors with 'press & click' fasteners
  • Sizes to your requirements
  • All surfaces oiled and polished using natural products

Price from CHF 7’230.—



Our Sideboards 

Sideboard Susanna - Simple elegance

  • Solid wood from Switzerland (here in the picture in walnut).
  • Here with 5 doors
  • Inside maple wood, with one shelf each
  • Placed on recessed slats and hung on the wall with hollow wall plugs
  • Sensual, fine surfaces oiled and polished with natural products
  • In the picture: in walnut

Length 250 cm, depth 50 cm, height 50 cm

Price from CHF 7'575.--

(Hanging board as shown in walnut, when ordered together with the sideboard: from CHF 3'615.--)


Sideboard Carolina - in solid wood with colour stained doors

  • Shown here in walnut and solid
  • Maplewood with continuous graintop surface
  • Optional cutlery drawer with adjustable
  • Compartment dividers
  • With adjustable shelves
  • Parallel or tapered legs
  • All surfaces oiled and polished using natural products

Length 200 cm, width 45 cm, depth 90 cm

Price in CHF from 8'900.—


Commode - a masterpiece of cabinetmaking skill!

  • Solid wavy grain maplewood, steam formed, joints glued and mitred
  • Handle slots and joints at the rear colour stained
  • Drawers have adjustable separators
  • Swiss made, accepted for form forum schweiz exhibitions
  • Surfaces white oiled and waxed

Length 180 cm, width 95 cm, depth 48 cm

Price in CHF as shown from 24'900.—



Stehmode - a fine and elegant addition to your reception area or bedroom.


The name Stehmode is derived from the German for lectern and bureau: Stehpult and Kommode.

  • Has the advantages of a lectern: for writing, looking up references or reading emails on your laptop - and in the drawers there is space for all the items you need.
  • Created by WohnGeist designer Stefan Senn for WohnGeist's 20th. anniversary.
  • In swiss pear wood (other wood varieties available on request). 
  • Surfaces fine sanded and oiled.
  • Drawer interiors are maple wood, with concealed easy-action rollers for smooth opening and stopping.
  • Drawers suitable for A4 documents.
  • Drawer fronts are colour-stained wavy grain maple wood or pear wood.

An exclusive option: Stehmode in smoked oak with gilded drawer fronts! The fine gilt finish emphasises the wood grain.

Height: 110 cm, width: 43 cm, depth: 34 cm