Kitchen Worlds

Kitchens are the centre of the home. This is where enjoyable life takes place in the company of loved ones.

Kitchen Larice

  • Kitchen in solid larch wood grown in Switzerland.
  • The kitchen comprises a long work unit, an island and an appliances cupboard, creating a light, spacious ambience and an efficient work area. 
  • The hotplate is inlaid flush to the work surface and has a rear glass splash guard. A halogen-lit shelf provides pleasing illumination of the work surface.
  • The refrigerator, dishwasher and sliding provisions trays are installed in furniture-like units. These stand on stainless steel frames, raising the work surfaces to a comfortable height.
  • An ingenious detail: the front doors of the inner compartment in the coffee machine cupboard can be rotated through 180 degrees.


Kitchen Asperula

  • Kitchen in a converted barn, architect: Christoph Ecker.
  • Unit fronts and wall panelling are made of solid pear wood and the working surface is satinised glass. 
  • There are no overhead units, giving the kitchen a spacious atmosphere.
  • The modern sink fittings are set directly into the wall.
  • The sliding drawers underneath the units make optimal use of space.
  • The floor is oiled oak on asphalt.


Kitchen in walnut wood

  • Kitchen designed as a worktable with drawers and pull-out shelves.
  • This gives it a light and elegant look.


Kitchen Papavero

  • Unit fronts are stained red, the working surfaces are "Onsernone" stone and the small overhead units are mounted directly to the wall. 
  • The halogen spotlights directed upwards create a pleasing working ambience. 
  • The fume extractor is integrated into one of the overhead units and may be accessed by tilting.
  • The overhead units and the tall cupboards have handles. 
  • To match the kitchen we suggest a WohnGeist table in solid walnut and flooring in solid oiled oak.


Kitchen Basilico

  • The furniture kitchen with unique ambience and maximum functionality.
  • Juried by form forum schweiz.
  • Particularly suitable to open plan rooms, kitchen and living rooms and loft apartments.
  • The furniture look of the units conceals the functional character of the room perfectly; kitchen tasks become a pleasure.
  • Made entirely of solid pear wood, clad with satinised glass working surfaces are satinised glass.
  • All drawers are made entirely of solid pear wood includes drawer mounted dishwasher and integrated lighting spacious lower storage drawers.


Kitchen Pepperoncino

  • Furniture-like kitchen units, unique ambience and maximum practicality combined.
  • Juried by form forum schweiz exhibitions.
  • Particularly suited to open plan rooms, kitchen/living rooms and loft apartments.
  • The furniture look of the units conceals the functional character of the room perfectly;kitchen tasks become a pleasure.


You can get a kitchen from us from a price of CHF 30'000,--. Most of our kitchens are priced between CHF 40'000,-- and 60'000,-- including appliances.



Optimal solutions emerge from Stefan Senn's sensitivity for rooms and proportions and from his ability to find out your requirements and needs in attentive dialogue.


You make an appointment for Stefan Senn to visit your home for an initial discussion to assess the situation. At this meeting you give him the order for a new concept or entrust him with existing solution proposals for review.

He will develop the desired concept or suggestions for improvement for you and present the documents to you in a further meeting.

If you then decide to implement the proposals with WohnGeist, detailed plans are drawn up and discussed with you again until everything is completely in line with your wishes and production can start in the workshop after the order confirmation has been signed.


Kitchen accessoires

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