ProNatura Sleep

"Sleep tight & sweet dreams"

Isn't it a great feeling to be welcomed by a feel-good bed in the evening? And to wake up in the morning feeling deeply rested and comfortable?

What a great enrichment this is for a vital, energetic and motivated day!


Healthy sleep

Don't leave your sleep quality to chance!

By choosing natural products and a bed system tailored to your requirements, you can provide your body with the best possible rest and recuperation during the night.

Benefit from our many years of experience with selected products from ProNatura.

For example, pure natural rubber (latex) is processed. This has a temperature-balancing and antibacterial effect, has a unique climatic and ergonomic functionality and can therefore adapt perfectly to the human anatomy!


Pronatura sleeping system

Sleep system


The unique Sleep System

ProNatura has invested a great deal of research effort into correct, healthy and ergonomic sleep posture and has found effective solutions. These have been combined to create a bed system which permits individual adaptation. The crucial factor is the correct alignment of the spinal column - ProNatura bed systems adapt to individual body types and can be adjusted for back, side or prone sleepers.


Adaptation in 40 Zones

  • The Comfort Zone
    The mattress determines your sleeping environment. It can be soft, firm, cool or warm, as you prefer.

  • The Core - the Ergonomic Zone
    The spring element: the origin of correct lying. It is individually adjusted to suit your weight, your physique and your particular wishes.


  • Latex Spring Elements
    The firmness of the mattress is determined by the construction type and the latex spring elements. ProNatura latex springs are interchangeable, so if your requirements change in future the springs can be replaced.

    This sets ProNatura apart from conventional mattresses: ProNatura systems can be retrofitted to adapt to changing conditions.



Ergonomic bed systems - as unique as your body

The single-layer Novaflex system offers the best conditions for natural, ergonomic sleep comfort

  • 1-layer individual adjustment to body shape
  • Optimal posture for the spinal column
  • Best regeneration position for back and vertebrae
  • Natural latex with quality seal QUL used
  • Best sleep comfort ensured by use of natural materials
  • Metal and solvent free
  • Bed system may be retrofitted to suit changed requirements
  • May be upgraded to Ultraflex bed system
  • Available with the system mattresses Dream and Sensilat



Ergonomic bed systems - as unique as your body

The two-layer Ultraflex system offers maximum comfort for all weight classes

  • Individual adaptation to the body shape on two levels
  • Optimal positioning of the spine
  • Best regeneration of back and intervertebral discs
  • Use of natural latex with QUL quality seal
  • High sleeping comfort due to the use of natural materials
  • Metal and solvent free
  • Bed system adaptable to subsequent changes in needs
  • Available with system mattress Dream and Sensilat


Pronatura product philosophy


This is the right way to lie!

For people to sleep better naturally, their spine must be able to retain its natural shape even when lying down.

ProNatura bed systems adapt to individual body shapes and needs. They can be individually adjusted in just a few simple steps.

Due to the adaptability, the ProNatura sleep system always stays right, even if personal needs should ever change.



Natural Sleep Quality

ProNatura uses only the finest natural materials. The bed systems are constructed of pure, contaminant-tested natural products. These natural materials permit both the mattresses and the bedding to 'breathe'.

Electrostatic charges do not accumulate, as ProNatura does not use plastic or synthetic materials.

ProNatura uses metal-free components of 100% natural origin, which can later be returned to nature's recycling system.


Raw Materials

Only the best raw materials

  • Cotton: 
    From certified bio production sources. Used for mattresses, insets and webbing straps.

  • Beechwood:
    A top quality hard wood. Used for frames, slats and spring elements.
  • Natural latex:
    From 100% natural rubber, offers unbeatable local elasticity for mattresses and pillow fillings.

  • Tencel:
    A natural fibre made from sustainably-produced wood. Ensures an optimal sleeping environment by perfect moisture management. Ideal for allergy sufferers, washable.

  •  Sheep's wool: 
    From "happy sheep". Sheep's wool can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. For mattresses, covers, bedcovers, pillows and fitted mattress covers.


Bedroom design

An oasis of relaxation

Create a space in which you can relax and switch off. A good bedroom has an atmosphere of calm, warmth and security. Choose warm, natural colours and materials. We have a large selection of solid wood beds in several wood varieties with a pleasing ambience. 
A room temperature of between 18 and 20°C is recommended. Ensure adequate ventilation.


Sleep consultation

Benefit from one hour of time for a personal consultation.

With the help of an analysis questionnaire, we work with you to determine the right bed content for your daily well-being.

During a test lie-down, an optimal adjustment can be achieved, especially in the shoulder and lumbar area.

Our team of advisors regularly undergoes further training and thus guarantees the highest quality of advice. Benefit from our many years of experience and make an appointment for a consultation.